Learn Dutch from Experienced Indian and Dutch teachers

Originaly from South India, I came to do my master degree here, Before I realised , 20 years are passed, along the way I learned the Dutch language and passed the NT2 exam in one attempt. That was 15 years ago, Now, together with two professional Dutch language teachers I want to share my language and cultural experience and teach the Dutch language to aspirants for NT2 Exam, or who just want to learn the Dutch language.

You may be a person who wants to prepare for the NT2 exam, writing, speaking, listening and reading. Or you are someone who wants to learn Dutch language because you find that it sounds so musical!! not realy!! Anyway, if you are someone who is curious to learn the language let me assure you we can make it interesting to learn and explore. Of course passing the NT2 exam is your burning passion, then we will guide you and teach you Dutch.

So what is the background of the Dutch teachers?

Like I said , I have twenty years experience in Dutch language and culture, with my Indian background I know exactly how an Indian would feel about learning the Dutch language, what are the unique troubles he or she may encounter in this endoveavor. Given their Indian language backgrounds.

I have also two other teachers who are professional Dutch language teachers for more than 20 years. They have trained successfully hundreds of students for NT2 exam and Integration courses.

How are we going to Teach?

The prefered mode of teaching is online, besides an oocasional onsite teaching.

The other method is on-site teaching, so if your company has enough students and a place to teach we would organise a course according to your needs.

What are the course levels taught?

We have different level of courses, from beginners level to based on NT2 exam levels.

From A0 to A1,

A1 to A1plus,

A1 to A2,

A2 to A2Plus

and A2 to B1,

A2 to B1plus

So from corporates to Individual groups we can teach the above levels.